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In this video I walk through how I made several different growth charts: one from a piece of reclaimed oak and the others from rough-sawn lumber.

I recently made two home decor crates to organize office materials on a built-in shelf in my front room.  After the crates were finished my wife asked me to make a coordinating frame.

I made a built-in shelf for our front room last year and the shelves have remained relatively empty since. My wife and I struggled with how to make the space both functional and visually appealing. My wife was inspired by one of her friends to use a few crates to hold things like binders that would otherwise look cluttered on the shelves.

A couple months ago I made a 3-D depth chart as a gift. It was a fun project and I think that it turned out really well. Here is an overview of how I made it…

Layer by Layer: custom depth chart

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I just pre-ordered a Glowforge laser printer! I am so excited to add this tool to my shop! Unfortunately I have to contain my excitement for 5 months until it ships. Glowforge hasn’t officially released the product yet as they are a little behind their original schedule. Glowforge started out as a crowdfunded venture back in 2015 and had an incredibly successful campaign, raising over $20M in a short window. Since then, they have been refining and improving the original concept into the amazing product that they are taking pre-orders for today. As I understand it they should be shipping out products to the people who participated in the crowdfunding campaign in the near future, and then working on getting preorders fulfilled… and I wait.

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